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Depositing National Institute of Health-Funded Data at ICPSR

NIH has a new Data Management & Sharing Policy effective on January 25, 2023, which requires a data management and sharing plan for all grant proposals. Read the full policy, Final NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing for more information. ICPSR has prepared the following information as a reference when planning an NIH grant proposal for researchers wishing to work with ICPSR. 

Please note that ICPSR supports the archiving and disseminating of data collected through NIH-funded projects and is home to more than 1,000 NIH-funded data collections. Several of ICPSR’s topical archives and projects offer dedicated support for certain NIH-funded data: 

What NIH-funded data ICPSR accepts

ICPSR accepts data that fall within our ICPSR Collection Development Policy

How to Designate ICPSR as a Repository in an NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan 

ICPSR provides Guidelines for Effective Data Management Plans that you can consult when creating your NIH Data Management and Sharing plan. You can contact us to determine what archive offered by ICPSR you should designate. Options include:

ICPSR General Archive
NAHDAP, DSDR or NACDA or one of the thematic archives 
openICPSR for self-publishing replication data

If you are in need of a curation cost estimate to include in your data management plan, please complete this form and an ICPSR staff member will contact you directly to provide an estimate. 

Ready to Submit your NIH-Funded data to ICPSR

Begin your deposit and review information about how to deposit with ICPSR.

Additional ICPSR guidance About the New NIH policy

The New NIH Data Sharing Policy Webinar and Designating ICPSR in your NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan from ICPSR.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about a research project that you are planning or carrying out with NIH funding. Contact us at for any questions or concerns.