FREE Virtual Data Training: Linking Administrative Data with Survey Data: Examples from the National Survey of Early Care and Education (NSECE), July 17-19 and July 23-25

Join us for a free 6-day virtual data training series sponsored by Child Care & Early Education Research Connections on effectively linking administrative data to survey data using the National Survey of Early Care and Education (NSECE). Training will be provided by NSECE project staff using a web-based learning platform and video conferencing.

Collaborative sessions will take place July 17-19 and July 23-25, with morning and evening sections available. Morning sessions will take place from 10:30 am-12:00 pm EDT, and evening sessions will take place from 4:30 pm-6:00 pm EDT. Evening sessions are a repeat of the morning session each day. Virtual office hours will take place on July 19 and 24 from 2:30 pm-4:00 pm EDT. Participants should select from one of the following: Section 1 (all morning sessions) or Section 2 (all evening sessions). While this course uses the NSECE, the course focuses on skills which can be applied to other datasets.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Types of data and examples of research questions that can be addressed by linking administrative data with survey data.
  • Analytic purpose of linkage with survey data and levels of linkage; estimating project feasibility without having access to the administrative data.
  • Understanding administrative data; metadata and data quality, cleaning, and missing data.
  • Linking: Improving your match, assessing match quality, defining your analytic sample.
  • Working with linked data: Understanding the linked file and conducting analyses; accommodating disclosure requirements throughout the analysis and reporting process.
  • IRBs, DUAs, Informed Consent, and other fine print; budgeting and managing an administrative data-involved research project; select opportunities for linking with NSECE data.

This series is free, but space is limited. Researchers interested in using the NSECE to answer policy-relevant questions in early care and education are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due Monday, June 18. For more information on course requirements and applying see our flyer. Please contact Ambyr Amen-Ra with any questions.


May 30, 2018

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