Announcing Release of the Monitoring the Future Panel Data

Working with the Montioring the Future project staff, NAHDAP has released the MTF Panel Data, starting with the core dataset of 767 variables.alt

From its inception in 1975, the MTF project has collected data annually from nationally representative samples of 13,000-19,000 high school seniors, located in approximately 135 schools nationwide (i.e. cross-sectional data). Beginning with the class of 1976, biennial follow-up mail surveys have been conducted with representative subsamples of respondents from each senior year class, spanning modal ages 19 to 30. From each senior year cohort, a sample of about 2,450 students are selected for longitudinal follow-up. The sample is randomly split into two halves (approx. 1,225 each) to be followed every other year.

Read more about the MTF panel data and apply online for access to the data in the ICPSR Virtual Data Enclave using the collection's DOI. The MTF panel data questionnaires are currently available for 2010 to 2014, and more will be added over the upcoming months.

More information about the MTF project can be accessed through the Monitoring the Future website - including the purpose, design, sampling procedures, and questionnaire administration; selected data tables and figures; a listing of publications and press releases; information about the research investigators; and links to related websites.

May 15, 2018

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