Save the Data event on 3/2/18: Downloading data and archiving with DataLumos


Who: Data users and interested members of the University of Michigan and surrounding community

What: Downloading data and archiving with DataLumos

Where: Room G150, Perry Building, 330 Packard St., Ann Arbor, Michigan

When: 1:00-4:00PM EST, Friday, March 2, 2018

Will you be there? If you're sure you'll attend, please sign up via the RSVP form, so we can be sure to accommodate everyone (and have enough snacks alt). 

In recognition of Endangered Data Week, ICPSR’s DataLumos project will be hosting an afternoon of data saving. We will welcome data users, community members, and University of Michigan faculty, staff and students to join us to download, document, and archive data into DataLumos. The Federal government has long been a source for valuable data, used by academic researchers, community groups, and informed citizens for a variety of purpose. However, the mission of these government agencies isn’t data preservation. Luckily, ICPSR has been a leader in data archiving for decades. The DataLumos project was created to ensure that valuable data will be available today, tomorrow, and years from now. DataLumos is a crowd-sourced project, allowing data users to archive the publicly-available data they value. This event will be a concentrated, in-person manifestation of that crowd-sourced spirit — interested individuals coming together with a common purpose of preserving data for the future … with tasty snacks too! Participants are encouraged to come for part or all of the event, and while some computers will be available, participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops. No specialized software is needed — just a web browser.

Data Upload Progress Bar

Save the Data with DataLumos event participants are helping to archive valuable government data



Related webinar: DataLumos: A Tool for Improving the Future Accessibility of Valuable Government Data

ICPSR has established an open-access archive, DataLumos, where the public can archive valuable government data resources, ensuring their long-term availability. ICPSR, a center within the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, has joined widespread efforts to preserve valuable US government data that may be hard to find or inaccessible in the future. On Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from approximately 1:00-1:30PM EST, ICPSR hosted a webinar as part of Endangered Data Week. This half-hour webinar discussed ways in which you can use this resource and steps you can take to improve data accessibility into the future. Viewers can expect to learn about this tool, how to use it, and how it can benefit their future work. DataLumos work is funded in part by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. For more information, please email For more details, watch a recording of the webinar.





Feb 22, 2018

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