We're launched! ICPSR celebrates successful website release (Archonnex Dissemination 2018)

Dear ICPSR community,

The Archonnex team is pleased to announce that the newest versions of the ICPSR websites are now available. Some new features include a reimagined, yet familiar, design, a more powerful search mechanism, customizable filters, more detailed download statistics, updated version control, and so much more. 

To access the new pages, simply navigate to ICPSR, or your respective project pages, and you will see the new search, study homepages, usage reports, etc. This has been a team effort and a special thanks goes out to the team for their hard work. Additionally, we would like to thank all those who have tested, provided feedback, and/or contributed to making this possible.

In the event that you missed the webinar detailing all the new features, please visit our ICPSR YouTube page. Also, if you missed it, check out a fun pre-launch video, which is sure to make you smile.


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Feb 20, 2018

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