Featured Data: CivicLEADS: Community College Civic Outcomes Survey, Spring 2017 (ICPSR 36961)

The Community College Civic Outcomes Survey, Spring 2017 study examines the individual and institutional factors associated with greater civic agency, capacity, behavior, and knowledge among college students. In Spring 2017, two surveys were digitally administered at 8 community colleges, or community college systems. These colleges were purposively selected for diversity in terms of geography, campus setting, size, and the racial and ethnic composition of their student bodies. This data includes a sample of 1,168 surveys from those collected.

The Civic Outcomes Survey (COS) was administered to students, and included questions related to voting, political and community engagement, civic knowledge, and leadership development. The Institutional Questionnaire (IQ), was admitted to each college's liaisons to The Democracy Commitment (TDC), and included questions related to college-level factors known to influence student engagement. These questions assessed for institutional intentionality towards civic engagement through college missions and strategic planning, as well as academic and faculty focus on civic involvement. Both instruments were previously tested in a small regional pilot and were subsequently refined to allow for greater response variability. Demographic variables include race, income, gender, and enrollment status.

For more information, see the study homepage.


Jan 29, 2018

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