Featured data: Creating Connection: Building Public Will for Arts and Culture, 2014 (ICPSR 36865)

The Creating Connection: Building Public Will for Arts and Culture, 2014, study explores arts and culture experiences as they relate to people's core values. The study is part of the Arts Midwest and Metropolitan Group's multi-year social change effort that began in 2012 to advance the position of arts and culture as a recognized, valued, and expected part of the public's everyday lives. The 2014 study seeks to understand how people define their arts and culture experiences, the core values that drive these experiences, and those messages that effectively connect these experiences to their values in order to craft messages that change expectations surrounding arts and culture.

Data was collected from 4,645 participants through a national survey administered September 2014. The base sample consisted of more than 2,586 responses nationwide, with additional oversamples from San Jose (California), California, Michigan, Minnesota, and Oregon. Data is weighted by education, race, age, and party identification to reflect those populations. Variables include information on: faith, family, community, cultural diversity, arts and culture engagement, social activities, artistic expression, and defining arts and culture. Demographic variables include age, race, education, gender, and income.

For more information, see the study homepage.


Jan 22, 2018

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