Matthew Richardson wins 2017 ICPSR Innovator Award

An ICPSR staffer with a knack for problem solving is the recipient of the 2017 ICPSR Innovator Award. Matthew Richardson becomes the second recipient of the ICPSR Innovator Award for his crucial involvement in setting up tools and interfaces that allow staff across ICPSR to do work independently and efficiently.

Matthew Richardson accepts the 2017 ICPSR Innovator of the Year trophy from ICPSR Director Margaret Levenstein in March 2017.

“Matthew is involved with many behind-the-scenes projects that are integral to the operation of ICPSR’s activities, including the implementation of new technologies related to Archonnex, ArtsEngine data visualization, DOI submissions, HTML emails, and more. He has made ICPSR’s Computing and Networking Services (CNS) more efficient by learning new technologies and transferring his skills and knowledge to fellow CNS staff. He has demonstrated that he is not only concerned with fixing today’s problems, but with implementing innovative technologies that will benefit ICPSR in the future,” judges wrote.

Richardson was formally honored at recent ICPSR Council staff meetings. "I'm thankful for the recognition and for a workplace that encourages innovation," he said.

Colleagues appreciate ‘a critical resource’

“Some of Matthew’s innovations fall into the area of setting up tools and interfaces that allow non-technical staff to do work that would otherwise have to rely on technical staff for implementation. Others fall into the category of taking leadership of learning new processes and innovations, and then documenting the processes and teaching other staff. He has saved lots of CNS time by being the first to learn new technologies, and then training the rest of the staff.” – Wendi Fornoff 

"Over the past 18 months in his new role as a Software Developer, Matthew proved himself to be a critical resource for Archonnex platform. He proved his skills and ability to learn new technologies at a very fast pace and contributed significantly to all the software releases completed so far. He is instrumental in many of the innovations that CNS has embraced and he is helping the rest of the team to navigate the wave of technical change we are implementing at ICSPR & especially within CNS." – Harsha Ummerpillai

“He has always been responsive when it comes to supporting metadata and Bibliography projects. He has stepped up and filled a specialized role, becoming the go-to person for making metadata and citation standards interact with ICPSR's software platform and its website architecture.” – Elizabeth Moss

Congrats also to a great group of runners-up for the 2017 ICPSR Innovator Award: 

  • Amy Pienta, Linda Detterman: Open Data Flint
  • Doctor Ashe, Matthew Morley, Jai Holt; and Abay Israel: Organizational Processing Group (OPG)

Contact: Dory Knight-Ingram

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May 31, 2017

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