See Workshop/Session Abstracts for 2017 ICPSR Biennial Meeting — Rebuilding for a Data-Driven Future!

The ICPSR Biennial Meeting is coming soon! The 2017 meeting, open to ICPSR Official and Designated Representatives and members of ICPSR, will take place October 11-13 on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The ICPSR staff are building a program to assist data users in retooling, reenergizing, and organizing for an evolving data-driven present and future. While still under construction, below is the blueprint of the meeting program. We expect the registration site to break ground later this spring. Save the dates as we hope to see you in Ann Arbor in October!

Workshops: Wednesday, October 11

Understanding Methods Metadata 
Weights? Panel study? Universe? Ever wonder what the terms in the “Methodology” metadata mean? ICPSR datasets are described in detail by the research methods employed while collecting and analyzing the data. The metadata can be somewhat of a mystery or even intimidating for those not trained in data collection (methods) or analysis techniques. This workshop will give you just enough of an introduction to the vocabulary of social research to use this information confidently, whether you are assisting data users or tagging data yourself.

Curating and Managing Research Data for Re-Use 
Participants will learn about best practices for curating and managing research data, how to apply them to daily operations, and the types of tools that can assist. 

Teaching with Data
Explore the many data tools, content resources, and opportunities ICPSR and other data organizations have developed to assist in getting data into the classroom. We will even debut a few new resources at this session. Time will be left for discussion among attendees about how they have incorporated those ICPSR tools into the classroom and encouraged others on their campus to do so. Learn what works (and what doesn’t) from those who have tried it.

A Tour through the Statistical Software Maze 
ICPSR offers data in a variety of statistical software formats as well as online analysis (Survey Documentation and Analysis, or SDA) capabilities. This hands-on introduction will enable attendees to get to know the software and SDA, removing curiosity and perhaps some trepidation. Note: this is an introductory workshop — no statistical background is assumed.

OR/DR Boot Camp! Fundamentals and the Evolution of the Official and Designated Representative Role
This session for new (and not so new) OR/DRs will cover details on the organization of ICPSR and its governance, roles and responsibilities of the OR, where and to whom you can go for help, location and use of the ICPSR website, tips and tools for helping your users, and promoting ICPSR on your campus. The workshop will include hands-on exercises resulting in opportunity to network with fellow ORs. We also will orient you to new research projects at ICPSR and introduce you to some outstanding ORs.
This session is a must for those who are new to ICPSR as well as those looking to get back in shape as the consortium evolves to meet changing data curation and data sharing needs. Come learn what makes this organization and the data it distributes so great!
Sessions: Thursday & Friday, October 12 & 13

International Data Panel: Sources, Research Opportunities, and Challenges
Explore the data collections of various data archives located or focused on data originating outside the US. This session will feature short 20-minute presentations by the Joint Economic and Sociological Data Archive (JESDA), the China Data Center (CDC), GESIS (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences), and UKDA (UK Data Archive), followed by questions and general discussion.

ICPSR Short but Sweet Project Overviews 
What’s going on at ICPSR? In this session, in rapid fashion, we will present on several different projects that are in the works at ICPSR. Projects are expected to include: Open Data Flint; DataLumos; Gates (Millennium) Project; The PATH Study; ADDEP; NACJD: Causes and Correlates series & restricted-use access options

Tips and Tricks for Managing Research Data across the Life Cycle
Explore how ICPSR Acquisitions can help solve data problems covering: Proposal Writing and Budget Estimation; Data Collection; Expanding Use; Archiving for Preservation

Federal Data Sharing and Data-Sharing Requirements — Where Are They Now?
Federal Data Sharing requirements continue to evolve. This session will discuss the 2013 OSTP memo in 2017 terms, updates to the Common Rule, requirements related to restricted-use data, ICPSR commitments to safekeeping and disseminating US government and other social science data, and more.

Contemporary Research Data — Data for the Cool Kids!
This session will explore research that steps outside the traditional bounds of survey and administrative records research data. Evolving research using Twitter and linked data sets as well as efforts to deliver data to neighborhoods to impact outcomes and civic engagement will be discussed.

Navigating Restricted-Use Data Today and Glimpses of the Future 
The road to restricted-use data access can be hard to navigate. This session will provide background on why some data are restricted and how they are disseminated for the purposes of assisting attendees in understanding how to apply for restricted data at ICPSR more effectively and efficiently.

What am I seeing? Cool and Not-So-Cool Data Visualization
Data visualization is everywhere and is key to bring data to life. There are some great, easy-to-use data visualization tools and websites that can entice even those with math phobia to play with data. Still, visualized data need interpretation. This session will discuss data visualization tools and suggest mechanisms to assist users in interpreting what they create.

Brought to You by ISR: Featured Projects from the Institute for Social Research
ICPSR is a center within the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research (ISR). ISR hosts numerous research projects producing research data and other products of interest to the data community. This session will feature some of ISR’s most popular research projects including the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science, the Health and Retirement Study, the Monitoring the Future Study, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, and the American National Election Study.

What is ICPSR in 2017? And, How to Promote it Within Your Institution
What makes ICPSR unique from many other data repositories? Come tour ICPSR’s menu of data treatments, data tools, and data training opportunities. You’ll garner a more profound understanding ICPSR and the data that live here. We’ll then turn to promotional resources and opportunities designed to assist ORs, DRs, and anyone that desires to promote ICPSR data and training across the institution.

Remodeling ICPSR — ICPSR’s New Data Management System
ICPSR is replacing its digital asset management system (called Archonnex) from data ingest, to curation, to dissemination. The system will enable ICPSR to prepare for new types of data, new types of projects, and evolving user experiences (UX). ICPSR has released an updated deposit form and a first release of the dissemination system. These systems will evolve significantly over the next several months to provide more intuitive interfaces, more data tools, and more flexibility for those that are interacting with ICPSR and its data. This session will discuss the status, goals, and ongoing evolution of Archonnex and the ICPSR UX.

Networking Round Tables Round I — Meet, Greet, and Learn from Fellow ICPSR ORs/DRs
Back by popular demand, this session, led by fellow ICPSR Official and Designated Representatives, is a series of topics you told us you wanted to discuss with your peers. You will be provided time to rotate through as many as four topics to network, share ideas, and take tested data-sharing solutions back to your institutions.

Networking Round Tables Round II — Meet the ICPSR Staff & Get Your Questions Answered
Now it is time for ICPSR staff to answer your questions. Staff from several units and projects including acquisitions (data deposits options including DataLumos), instructional resources, the ICPSR Summer Program, membership, computer network services, curation services, and user support will be on hand to answer and ask questions.

Apr 11, 2017

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