New DSDR Public-use Data Available

DSDR is pleased to announce the availability of new and updated public-use studies released this summer:

Work, Family, and Health Study (WFHS) (ICPSR 36158)
The WFHS is a longitudinal study designed to enhance understanding of the impact of workplace practices and policies on work, family life, and health outcomes. The public-use data include information from employees and managers regarding: 

  • the amount of hours worked;
  • balance between work and family;
  • opportunities to work from home;
  • the ability to take vacation and time off when desired;
  • decision-making authority at work; and
  • psychological distress and well-being.

ESRU Social Mobility Survey in Mexico, 2006 (ICPSR 35333)
The 2006 ESRU Social Mobility Survey in Mexico (SMSM) is the first nationally representative, fully probabilistic survey of inter-generational social mobility in Mexico. The main objective of the survey is to describe and analyze inter-generational socioeconomic mobility in Mexican society. Variables in the RSRU SMSM include information on:

  • socioeconomic standing of the respondent and his/her spouse or partner;
  • socioeconomic standing of the respondent's and his/her spouse/partner's parents;
  • conditions when the respondent and his/her spouse were growing up; and
  • international and domestic migration, health, occupational trajectory, opinions, and attitudes.

 India Human Development Survey-II (IHDS-II), 2011-12 (ICPSR 36151)
IHDS-II was updated to replace the original deposited data files with ICPSR-curated versions of the Individual, Household, and Eligible Women datasets. Downloadable files now include SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, and ASCII versions of the data files, along with associated setup files and PDF codebooks.

The India Human Development Survey-II (IHDS-II), 2011-12 is a nationally representative, multi-topic survey of 42,152 households in 1,503 villages and 971 urban neighborhoods across India. These data are mostly re-interviews of households interviewed for IHDS-I in 2004-05.

Sep 30, 2015

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