Registration Open for the 2017 Consumer Expenditure Survey Methods Symposium and Microdata Users’ Workshop

The Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) invites you, your colleagues, and students to attend the free 2017 CE Survey Methods Symposium and 12th annual Microdata Users’ Workshop being held in Washington DC July 18 - 21, 2017. 

The July 18 Survey Methods Symposium is a one day event during which CE and several other federal and private sector surveys will share information about their existing methods and experiences on a select set of research topics relevant to CE’s ongoing redesign initiative. 

The July 19 - 21 CE Microdata Users’ Workshop provides a unique opportunity for CE data users to receive hands-on training and access to CE microdata experts. The workshop attracts academics, private sector researchers, and government professionals from all over the country and internationally. The agenda will include internal and external presenters chosen to enhance the learning experience. CE experts guide attendees through carefully crafted interactive practical training sessions. The structure and schedule of the three-day workshop provides maximum opportunity for attendees to engage with others who share their interest in learning more about using the CE microdata.

Registration is now open for both events

Mar 27, 2017

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