Update on last year's ICPSR interns

News from last year’s ICPSR interns:

Stephanie Jaczkowski will be spending this summer as an intern with the National Taxpayer’s Union in Washington, DC. She will return to Central Michigan in the fall for her senior year. Stephanie presented her ICPSR poster at the Southern Political Science Association meetings.

Darys Kriegel will soon be heading to the University of Georgia to begin a Ph.D. program in sociology and social psychology, where he hopes to pursue his interest in military sociology. He presented his poster at the annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society.

Krissia Martinez put her ICPSR training to work this year as a member of a UC-Santa Cruz research group surveying residents of Okinawa, Japan’s military base. She is also interning at a non-profit organization for gang prevention where she works with youth in Juvenile Hall and on probation. She is hoping for an internship at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts this summer but will pursue working in the gang-prevention network in some capacity (an interest developed by working with John Garcia last summer) upon graduation. She hopes to begin graduate school in Fall 2012. Krissia both presented her poster and talked about her experiences as an ICPSR intern on her campus. 

Tommaso Pavone spent several months working for ICPSR as a NACJD temp this spring and has now headed for Chicago. He has chosen to defer his admission to the UM Law School for a year, during which he will complete a Masters in Social Science degree at the University of Chicago. Tom presented his work at the Midwest Political Science Association meetings and another paper of his was chosen as a winner in the ICPSR Undergraduate Paper Competition.

May 9, 2011

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