ICPSR internship selections announced

We are pleased to announce the 7th season of the ICPSR Summer Internship Program for undergraduates. The Internship is a very popular program and this year we received about 100 applications and will be supporting four interns in the following topical archives: Child Care and Early Education Research Connections (CCEERC), Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR), Resource Center for Minority Data (RCMD), and National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD). 

The Interns will spend ten weeks at ICPSR from June 6 to August 12 during which they will:

  • Complete a research project resulting in conference-ready posters
  • Gain experience processing data and learn statistical programs 
  • Attend graduate level courses in the Summer Program 
  • Participate in a Lunch and Lecture series 

The objective of the Summer Internship Program is to support ICPSR’s strategic focus on undergraduates by promoting the effective use of social science research data. We will encourage the interns to pursue graduate studies or a career in the social or behavioral sciences. With luck, they will be future data depositors, summer program instructors, Official Representatives, or even members of the Council. We currently have thirty-one alumni of the Internship Program and they are currently attending graduate school or have begun a career in a social science. 

The Internship Program will be managed by Abayomi Israel, with John Garcia of the Resource Center for Minority Data and Lynette Hoelter of Instructional Resources providing guidance and support as Research Program Mentors. Each Intern will be assigned an experienced Research Technician as their Data Processing Mentor. In addition, the interns will have the opportunity to receive additional graduate school advice and support on their research projects from the ICPSR Faculty. 

We are very pleased to announce that the following students have been selected for the 2011 Summer Internship Program: 

Jasmine Coleman, Drew University, Madison, NJ – Assigned to CCEERC (Christopher Greene - Processing Mentor) 
Jasmine is a Psychology major graduating in 2013 with an interest in pursuing a graduate degree in clinical child psychology. Specifically, she is interested in the ways in which children are affected by parents with substance abuse problems. During the 2011 Spring Semester, Jasmine worked as a Research Assistant and Student Recitation Instructor while serving on numerous executive boards on campus and a member of the Emerging Leaders Program. As a sophomore, Jasmine has completed the required research methods sequence at her university and is looking forward to attending the ICPSR Summer Program courses in preparation for her Honors Thesis. Jasmine has a strong interest in research, and, this summer she looks forward to gaining a better understanding of data processing, working with other students that have a research interest, engaging in the research dialogue with persons from multiple perspectives, and sharing her research findings with students and faculty through the poster sessions. Jasmine enjoys movies, spending time with friends, and staying busy participating in a number of campus organizations. 

Toby Flint, Hasting College, Hastings, NE – Assigned to DSDR (Kathryn Frania - Processing Mentor)
Toby is a Political Science and Economics double major and a Mathematics and History double minor graduating in 2012. After graduation, Toby plans to pursue a PhD in Political Science with an emphasis in Comparative Politics with a long-term career goal of teaching and researching. A subject that is of specific interest to him is that of quantitative comparative politics, especially in regards to the Middle East. He has worked with the World Values Survey and is interested in learning about similar datasets. Toby is interested in researching democratization theories, specifically that of partial democracies. Toby is very interested in having an opportunity to attend advanced classes in the Summer Program in preparation for graduate school. He currently serves as the Social Sciences Senator of his college and a Certified Peer Educator (BACCHUS) while being a member of the Hastings varsity tennis team. Toby is looking forward to networking with professors, staff, and undergraduates who are similarly interested in quantitative analysis. 

Quentin Karpilow, Kenyon College, Gambier, OH – Assigned to NACJD (Justin Noble - Processing Mentor)
Quentin is an Economics and Mathematics double major graduating in May 2012 with a concentration in Statistics. He plans to attend graduate school in either Economics or Political Science with the long term goal of pursuing a career in academia. Quentin’s academic interests include immigrant selectivity, migrant networks, immigrant education, and the impact of remittance flows on the socio-economic development of origin communities. In addition, his 2011 paper examining how the criminalization of U.S immigration law has impacted media representations of the transnational gang (Mara Salvatruha) has been selected for the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. He looks forwards to the hands-on data management experience that the ICPSR Summer Internship can grant him and attendance in the Summer Program. Quentin has worked as a Spanish translator, Residential Advisor, and statistics tutor. He co-founded the student run newspaper Kenyon Global News. In his free time, Quentin enjoys being a member of a jazz band and he has an interest in a myriad of sports. 

Emmi Obara, Reed College, Portland, OR – Assigned to RCMD (Abay Israel - Processing Mentor)
Emmi is a Sociology major graduating in May 2012 with an interest in Race, Ethnicity and immigration issues. She is interested in pursuing her social science interest and is hopeful that this internship will provide her more exposure to career possibilities. Emmi has served as a mentor to new international students to support their cultural, social, and academic transition to the college. Recently, Emmi spent two semesters at the Université de Rennes II in France, currently serves as a French tutor at her college, and worked as a Japanese to English translator. Emmi is interested in attending introductory statistical courses in the Summer Program to provide additional quantitative background. She has worked with the General Social Science and Add Health data sets and sees her summer at ICPSR as a way to advance her quantitative research method abilities. Emmi is a long distance runner and will complete a marathon just prior to her arrival to ICPSR and she enjoys cooking, specifically baking.

May 9, 2011

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