Making data social: Social sciences and data webinar series in March 2017

Co-hosted by ANDS and the Australian Data Archive, join us for a series of three webinars on supporting data in the social Sciences,

These webinar will be recorded for those in "AustEasternDaylightTime-unfriendly" time zones.

Webinar#1: Provenance & Social Science data 
Wed 15 Mar, 12.30pm AEDT Register

Held in conjunction with the Australian Data Provenance Interest Group

1.     Steve McEachern (Director, Australian Data Archive): Data Documentation Initiative

2.     Nicholas Car (Data Architect, Geoscience Australia): A brief introduction to data provenance and provenance standards

3.     George Alter, (Research Professor, ICPSR and Visiting Prof, ANU): The C2Metadata Project is producing new tools that will work with common statistical packages (e.g. R and SPSS) to automate the capture of metadata describing variable transformations. Software-independent data transformation descriptions will be added to metadata in two internationally accepted standards: DDI and Ecological Markup Language (EML). These tools will create efficiencies and reduce the costs of data collection, preparation, and reuse. Of special interest to social sciences with its strong metadata standards and heavy reliance on statistical analysis software.

Webinar#2: Linking data & archives for the Social Sciences

Wed 22 Mar 12.30pm AEDT Register

1.     David Groenewegen (Director, Research, Monash University Library): Using Pure, Omeka and Figshare to link and publish social science data. Discover research at Monash University

2.     Maude Frances (Manager, Library Repository Services, UNSW): Repositories, metadata and workflows for managing social science data. UNSW Data Archive

Webinar#3: Managing & publishing sensitive data in the Social Sciences

Wed 29 Mar 12.30pm AEDT Register 

1.     Dr Steve McEachern (Director Aust Data Archive): How the Australian Data Archive manages and publishes sensitive social science data.

2.     Prof George Alter, (Research Professor, ICPSR and Visiting Professor, ANU): Sharing the benefit of over 50 years of ICPSR experience in managing sensitive social science data.

Who would benefit from attending this webinar series?

·       Social Science researchers wishing to publish and reuse data

·       Data managers and librarians

·       Anyone with an interest in managing data

More about ICPSR (USA)

·       A data archive of more than 250,000 files of research in the social and behavioral sciences. It hosts 21 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields.

·       ICPSR collaborates with a number of funders, including U.S. statistical agencies and foundations, to create thematic collections

More about ADA

·       A national service for the collection and preservation of digital research data and to make these data available for secondary analysis by academic researchers and other users.

·       Comprised of seven sub-archives - Social Science, HIstorical, Indigenous, Longitudinal, Qualitative, Crime & Justice and International.

·       ADA data is free of charge to all users


Feb 9, 2017

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