New Release! L.A. FANS Wave 2 Biomarker Data

The Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (L.A. FANS), Wave 2, Biomarker Data, 2006-2008 includes physiological health measures. Interviewers collected blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, hip and waist circumference, and a pulmonary function assessment (spirometry) from respondents. Saliva samples were collected from child respondents. 50% of L.A. FANS households were selected at random and respondents were asked to provide dried blood spot (DBS) samples. The initial release of L.A. FANS Wave 2 data included only the blood pressure and anthropometry data. The Biomarker collection contains the spirometry, saliva, and DBS data. The saliva and DBS datasets each have one record per respondent who completed the health module, while the spirometry dataset has one record for each trial.

The Biomarker data are designed for use with the public use data files for L.A. FANS, Wave 1 (study 1) and Wave 2 (study 2). The L.A. FANS data series consists of five public and nine restricted studies. Nearly all the L.A. FANS data are available in the public data sets. A table comparing the public and restricted renditions is available on the L.A. FANS series page.

L.A. FANS was conducted under the auspices of RAND Labor and Population. The RAND Corporation has delegated responsibility for providing access to L.A. FANS data to DSDR.

Access the L.A. Fans, Wave 2, Biomarker Data, 2006-2008 study page.


Mar 23, 2023

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