Age 2 Data from Baby’s First Years Released!

Asian-American male toddler reaching up towards beads on a multi-color toy of wires curling in various directions with geometric shape beads on the wires. Setting appears to be a preschool or daycare.

DSDR is excited to announce the availability of the Age 2 data from Baby's First Years (BFY), New York City, New Orleans, Omaha, and Twin Cities, 2018-2021 (ICPSR 37871).

In addition to the data, this release includes English and Spanish questionnaires and a user guide from the Age 2 data collection. An errata document for the Age 1 user guide was also added and questionnaires for Age 1 were updated.

Approximately two years after each child’s birth, Age 2 data collected information about child health and development, maternal health, family income, and life. Phone interviews were conducted to collect information similar to the Age 1 data. 

The BFY project is a randomized controlled trial that estimates the causal impacts of unconditional cash gift payments on the cognitive, socio-emotional, and brain development of infants and toddlers in low-income U.S. families. Mothers of infants with incomes below the federal poverty line from four diverse U.S. communities (New York City, NY; New Orleans, LA; Omaha, NE; and Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) were recruited after giving birth at one of 12 hospitals across the four study sites between May 2018 and June 2019. Quantitative data are collected at five points: baseline after child is born, at one year old, two years old, three years old, and four years old. 

Future waves of BFY data are planned for release through DSDR.

Access the Baby’s First Years (BFY), New York City, New Orleans, Omaha, and Twin Cities, 2018-2021 study page

Jan 27, 2023

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