In Memoriam: Judith S. Rowe


Judith S. Rowe

Judith S. Rowe


ICPSR was saddened to learn from IASSIST about the passing of Judith S. Rowe, at the age of 91, on May 5, 2022.

Rowe was the first non-faculty Official Representative elected to the ICPSR Council (1980-1984). She brought decades of knowledge of data, the statistical system, computing, universities, and archives to the Council, as well as a deep love for and concern for the health of ICPSR. She served ICPSR during some of its most challenging years. She taught numerous people in the ICPSR community how to archive data, how to provide high-quality user support, and how to find the data, wherever they might be. Judith was also a leader nationally and internationally through her involvement with organizations such as APDU, COPAFS, and IASSIST. Her advice, counsel, and wisdom were instrumental to the continued development of ICPSR. 

In 1997, ICPSR honored Rowe as a recipient of the William H. Flanigan Award for Distinguished Service as an ICPSR Official Representative.

Contact: Dory Knight-Ingram

May 10, 2022

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