ResearchDataGov streamlines requests for data at 16 federal agencies


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ICPSR Director Margaret Levenstein was interviewed by Science Magazine on the recent launch of ResearchDataGov, an ICPSR-hosted online portal that offers researchers a chance to apply for access to protected data sets maintained by 16 federal agencies. J. Trent Alexander, Associate Director and a Research Professor at ICPSR, is the PI on the product that produced the portal.


Excerpt below from the 12/8/22 article in Science:

The U.S. government has just made it easier for social scientists to get their hands on federally collected data they need for research.

Starting today, an online portal offers one-stop shopping to apply for access to protected data sets maintained by 16 federal agencies. Scientists can search the site to find the data set they want and then, with one click, file an application. The site also allows them to track the status of their request.

“This will be transformational,” says economist Margaret Levenstein of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she manages the country’s largest curated social science data archive. “I work with thousands of researchers, and I know what they have to go through to find what they need and then get access to it.

Read the full Science article here.

Dec 15, 2022

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