DataCite and STM Association publish joint statement on data citation

On June 14, 2012, in Copenhagen, Denmark, DataCite and the STM Association signed a joint statement meant to encourage publishers and data centers to link journal articles with their underlying data.

ICPSR is an associate member of DataCite, which is an international group of organizations whose goals are easier access to research data on the Web; increased acceptance of research data as legitimate, citable contributions to the scholarly record; and support for data archiving. STM is a group of scientific, technical, and medical publishers.

The statement follows, and can also be found at

  1. To improve the availability and findability of research data, DataCite and STM encourage authors of research papers to deposit researcher validated data in trustworthy and reliable Data Archives.
  2. DataCite and STM encourage Data Archives to enable bi-directional linking between datasets and publications by using established and community endorsed unique persistent identifiers such as database accession codes and DOI names.
  3. DataCite and STM encourage publishers to make visible or increase visibility of these links from publications to datasets.
  4. DataCite and STM encourage Data Archives to make visible or increase visibility of these links from datasets to publications.
  5. DataCite and STM support the principle of data re-use and for this purpose actively
    participate in initiatives for best practice recommendations for the citation of datasets.
  6. DataCite and STM invite other organizations involved in research data management to join and support this statement.

Signed by Adam Farquhar, President of DataCite and Eefke Smit on behalf of Michael Mabe, CEO STM.

For more information on data citation, see our Web page on the topic.

Jun 15, 2012

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