ICPSR & Millennium Challenge Corporation Launch Interactive Platform Offering Access to MCC Data

Millennium Challenge Corporation Evidence Platform - 35 countries, 191 studies, 392 analysis reports, 140 data packages


ANN ARBOR—The University of Michigan’s Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) has partnered with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to develop a new, interactive data platform for sharing MCC’s evaluation catalog of data. The Millennium Challenge Corporation Evidence Platform is now live, offering access to important data on MCC’s programs. 

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is a US foreign assistance agency that is helping lead the fight against global poverty (MCC.gov). MCC provides grants to developing countries in order to support sustainable growth and improved infrastructure to better people’s lives. The Evidence Platform encourages the use of MCC’s data, documentation, and analysis as global public goods to support mutual accountability for the agency and its country partners, and to encourage learning from measured results. The Evidence Platform is accessible and easy to use. Its goal is to encourage use of MCC’s evidence data for researchers and the public. 

This project is led by U-M researcher Amy Pienta, in coordination with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. ICPSR is excited to collaborate with MCC on this platform because it offers users the first-of-its-kind ability to conduct knowledge queries across MCC program information, country information, data packages, and reports that allow better understanding and use of the evidence collected by MCC.

“We are very pleased to offer a first look at ICPSR's new data model through the new MCC Evidence Platform,” said Pienta said. “Our partnership with MCC propelled us to envision new ways to help the public to explore and understand the rich body of evidence underlying MCC's work in partner countries through its many evaluation programs, as well as allow users to access the resulting reports and data from that work.”

“The new MCC Evidence Platform represents a strategic decision by the agency to focus on evidence usability, not just availability,” said Alicia Phillips Mandaville, Vice President of the Department for Policy and Evaluation, MCC. “This collaboration with ICPSR has created a tool that allows MCC to have greater development impact in the future by encouraging a better understanding of the results and learning from programs in the past,” Mandaville said.

Researchers, students, and members of the public can access the MCC Evidence Platform by visiting the project's website at ICPSR.


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Sara Srygley, ssrygley@umich.edu

Jun 29, 2022

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