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Love Data Week 2024

February 12-16, 2024



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Theme: "My kind of data"

Data is personal. Join International Love Data Week in 2024 for programs about data equity and inclusion, disciplinary communities, and creating a kinder world through data.


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History of Love Data Week

Love Data Week was established in 2016 as Love Your Data week. Originally created in the USA and coordinated by Heather Coates, it quickly grew to an international event in which a wide range of institutions, organizations, scholars, students, and other data lovers could celebrate their data. Read more ...


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2023 Key details

Love Data Week takes place February 13 - 17, 2023. The hastag is #LoveData23 (across all platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Mastadon, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn etc).



The theme this year is Data: Agent of Change. Love Data Week is about inspiring your community to use data to bring about changes that matter. Policy change, environmental change, social change... we can move mountains with the right data guiding our decisions. This year, we are focused on helping new and seasoned data users find data training and other resources that can help move the needle on the issues they care about.

Events and Activities

Find events and activities happening locally and virtually around the world: Love Data Week 2023 events and activities

Love Data Week 2023 Events


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Love Data Week? Love Data Week is an international celebration of data, taking place every year during the week of Valentine's day. Universities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, corporations and individuals are encouraged to host and participate in data-related events and activities. 
  • Who can participate in Love Data Week? Love Data Week is an international, public activity. Each year individual organizations host their own events and activities. The Love Data Week committee maintains a list of all events and activities. 
  • Is Love Data Week a conference? Love Data Week is not a conference. It is a variety of events and activities hosted online, or in person locally around the world. Participants are encouraged to explore the variety of offerings found in the full listing of events and activities and to register for each individually.
  • How can I get involved? Submit your events and activities through the form found on this page. At the end of Love Data Week, a call for new committee members is sent via email. Please sign up for Love Data Week updates via email

International Committee Members

Kelsey Badger, Ohio State University
Patti Condon, University of New Hampshire
Nicole Daly, Villanova University 
Jacquelyn Deppe, Seton Hall
César García, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Lynette Hoelter, ICPSR
Jane Lee, IPUMS Center for Data Integration, University of Minnesota
Katie Pierce-Farrier, University of North Texas Health Science Center
Nathaniel Porter, Virginia Tech
Mary Rausch, West Texas A&M University
Ashley Rockwell, Georgia State University 
Annalee Shelton, ICPSR
Jenna Tyson, ICPSR