Western Economic Association International launches new self-publishing repository

Western Economic Association International launches new self-publishing repository


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Western Economic Association International (WEAI) has partnered with ICPSR to create a new archive for data and study materials associated with its two quarterly journals:  Economic Inquiry and Contemporary Economic Policy.


WEAI is a non-profit, educational community dedicated to sharing economic research and analysis. Founded in 1922, the Association’s membership comprises approximately 2,000 economists worldwide.


To encourage transparency and reproducibility, WEAI requires authors to deposit data in openICPSR or another community-recognized repository approved by the journal editor. These deposits are ‘mandated’ for publication in Economic Inquiry and are ‘expected’ for articles in Contemporary Economic Policy. This allows other researchers to replicate analyses in a published article without having to request any additional information from the author, while at the same time enhances the credit afforded to authors for data and related materials they produced as part of their work.


Any journal, professional association or organization interested in creating their own branded, fully-hosted repository may contact icpsr-help@umich.edu for more information. Learn more about openICPSR repositories.  


Ready to start your WEAI data deposit?

Please visit this instructions page for guidelines on publishing data in the WEAI Data and Code Repository. WEAI repository deposits should include all data, annotated program code, command files, and documentation that is needed to replicate the findings from a published article without any additional support or information from the author(s). For best practices in preparing data for sharing, ICPSR also has a Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving.


Prospective depositors are encouraged to email ICPSR User Support at icpsr-help@umich.edu with questions about the process of publishing data in the WEAI Data and Code Repository with openICPSR.



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For more information:

Western Economic Association International Data and Code Repository


Jan 7, 2022

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