Resources for Research in Sensory Impairment and Aging

Are you interested in researching sensory health related to the aging process? 

Check out these resources:

Recent research featured in the NIA News : 3 studies link hearing loss with less physical activity among older adults

"Older adults with hearing loss may be more sedentary and more likely to experience worsening physical function than those without hearing loss, according to three recent NIA-supported studies. " 

Studies mentioned in this article:

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study

 Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA)

 Aging, Cognition, and Hearing Evaluation in Elders (ACHIEVE) clinical trial 


Also, we recently collaborated with the  SENSE NETWORK to create a collection of secondary data resources known to have variables related to the senses and aging: 

the Sensory Aging Series

From the Sensory Aging Series page, you can locate data based on sensory topics including hearing, vision, taste, touch, smell, vestibular function, and sensory health services. 

Do you know of other resources related to sensory impairment and aging? Let us know, email us at


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Oct 21, 2021

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