NACDA Pre-Conference Workshop at GSA, Nov. 10, 2021

Join us for the annual Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Virtual Conference Nov. 10-13! 

We're hosting a virtual pre-conference workshop on Nov 10, 10am-2pm EST (8am-noon MST):

Analyzing Longitudinal Aging Studies within an Interoperability Environment: The NACDA Data Portal

With the growing complexity of longitudinal studies of older populations, new approaches are emerging to organize and present these data to facilitate the research process. Increasingly, researchers are interested in multi-wave studies presented as unified analysis files rather than a series of cross-sections, the popularity of the RAND HRS being one example. Another area of interest is interoperability, allowing the comparison of different studies across variables and themes. The workshop will illustrate the NACDA Data Portal using the MIDUS and NSHAP studies as examples and external portals such as NHATS to explore interoperability research frameworks. The use of data organized into merged across-wave studies will enhance all researchers' ability to successfully employ longitudinal analysis files, identify variables of interest, and create customized analysis files for download and further analysis. NACDA is currently the only organization offering this capacity within a DDI-Lifecycle framework. 

This workshop will be sectioned into 4 sessions, and will feature speakers from the National Institute on Aging, Colectica, and the Midlife in the United States (MIDUS) Series. 

Register at the GSA 2021 site page.  

We will also be hosting a virtual poster: 

Aging Across the Life Course: Research Collections Available from the National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging

This poster will highlight NACDA's metadata tools and variable search database, inform data users on how to identify studies in its collections that examine aspects of aging and health among adults during their lifecourse, and show comparisons across major aging studies (such as NHATS and NSHAP) and how data users can create customized data and documentation from the NACDA Colectica Portal. 

Poster sessions will be on-demand only with no live presentation.

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