New MIDUS Data Available!

The Midlife in the United States Series has new data available for direct download: 

MIDUS Refresher 1: Neuroscience Project, 2012-2016 (ICPSR 37094) 

- This update to this study features around 1500 new variables that include measures of brain structure and cognitive assessment results. 

MIDUS Refresher Sample Mortality Data, 2018 (ICPSR 38024) 

- This is a new dataset which includes all known decedents from the MIDUS Refresher 1 and Milwaukee Refresher samples, and is current for NDI records through December, 2018. 

Want to explore across ALL MIDUS studies? Check out the MIDUS Colectica portal, and create your own unique dataset from the variables in the MIDUS studies. 

Sep 27, 2021

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