ICPSR Visiting Representative Fellows 2021


We are delighted to announce the 2021 ICPSR Visiting Representative Fellows!

The ICPSR Visiting Representative Fellows create virtual data-driven resources for the ICPSR community. These new resources, "Exploring ICPSR data using GIS" and "Navigating around restricted data" can be found in ICPSR's Teaching and Learning Resources

These resources were presented during the virtual Biennial Meeting in October 2021. The presentation can be viewed here: New Virtual Data Resources: Restricted Data, GIS, & Election Data for use in the classroom & more


Meet the 2021 Fellows and their projects:


Finding Available Data Related to Restricted Topics

Brianne Dosch, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Biography: Brianne Dosch is an Assistant Professor and the Social Sciences Data Librarian at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where she works with students, graduate students, and faculty to support their library, research, and data needs. She recently wrote an article about data sharing policies in business journals published in the Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship , and is currently working on a needs assessment of her faculty and graduate students, and a library space study she conducted on some study carrels in her library. Some of her research interests include liaison librarianship, data librarianship, information seeking behavior of social scientists , and the Open Science movement. She is also a stereotypical cat lover, fiction reader, and seeker of easy but beautiful hikes.  


Project Description: This electronic resource will help researchers identify openly available datasets that closely cover topics of restricted use datasets but do not require IRB approval or a restricted data use agreement. There are many topics that graduate students and faculty give up on pursuing because they can only find restricted use data sets and it can be difficult (and almost impossible) to access restricted use data sets in a timely fashion.  This will be kind of a "quick guide" to help researchers still pursue the topics they’re interested in even if you’re interested in tricky topics like crime or health.  . ICPSR has hundreds of datasets that are related to or close to topics that normally have restricted data. This will benefit researchers who have been frustrated or unsuccessfully with the restricted data process but still want to find *some* secondary data that would work with their research interests.



Introducing Spatial Analysis and Visualization With ICPSR Data

Aditya Ranganath, University of Colorado Boulder


Biography: Aditya is currently a Data Librarian at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Before coming to Boulder, he held postdoctoral fellowships at Yale-NUS College in Singapore (where he taught courses in international relations and political economy), and New York University Libraries (where he specialized in geospatial data curation as a CLIR Fellow). He received his PhD in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego in 2018. 


Project Description: Spatial thinking and geographic analyses are becoming increasingly important in the social sciences, and many ICPSR datasets could be explored in the context of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis. However, doing so requires some specialized skills and considerations, and educators using ICPSR resources may be interested in introducing their students to GIS analysis, without knowing where to start. This project will develop a teaching resource that an educator could use to demonstrate how certain ICPSR datasets could be visualized and analyzed spatially using the R programming language. The teaching resource will contain a lesson plan, sample code and examples, and practice exercises. 


Learn more about the ICPSR Visiting Representative Fellowship


Contact: Annalee Shelton



Aug 9, 2021

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