Webinar - Introduction to the DDI Metadata Standard

Have you heard the term "DDI" and wondered - "what's that about?" 

If so, you might check out the upcoming webinar: 

Introduction to the DDI Metadata Standard

DDI is one of the primary metadata standards ICPSR uses. 

Colleagues from the DDI community and our ICPSR Director of Metadata and Preservation Jared Lyle will be speaking

about DDI metadata at a Webinar (hosted by the Association for Information Science & Technology)

next Wednesday (21 April) at 10am EDT

Registration is free, but you will need to use the discount code 'dcmi25' when you register. 

Full details, including instructions for joining the webinar can be found by visiting the event page.

This presentation will include an overview of DDI-Codebook (the DDI version ICPSR uses to describe our studies and variables).

We'll also discuss newer DDI products like DDI-Lifecycle (useful for documenting longitudinal collections),

products under development, and the DDI Alliance organization, which is led by ICPSR.

DDI logo - for decoration only

We hope to see you there!

Apr 16, 2021

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