2013 Biennial ICPSR Meeting

October 9-11, 2013
Ann Arbor

ICPSR is excited to announce that the registration site for the 2013 Biennial Meeting is now open! This year's conference theme is "Beyond Access: Curating Data for Discovery, Re-Use, and Impact." ICPSR is pleased to be participating in efforts to broaden access to research data while at the same time curating data to ensure that they can be found and used effectively for generations to come. Curating data benefits the entire research community and maximizes research investment.

Though ICPSR has been in the data sharing space for over 50 years, we continue to refine our approaches to data management and training. With over 15 workshops and sessions, this biennial meeting will highlight ICPSR's recent developments in the areas of open access, restricted data management, training and education, digital curation, and importantly, new data tools. In addition, this meeting serves as an opportunity for researchers, teaching faculty, librarians, policymakers, and data professionals to gather and share ideas that will aid us as a data community to facilitate research and make impact.

Participation in this ICPSR meeting is limited to individuals from ICPSR Member Institutions and invited presenters and guests. There are no registration fees for this meeting.

ICPSR's program and workshops will focus on training attendees to use ICPSR's data tools including the Social Science Variables Database, online analysis (SDA), secure data analysis systems, data-driven teaching resources, and ICPSR's various data collections. It will also provide training in data curation and introductory statistical software use. Workshops begin on Wednesday, October 9, and the meeting concludes at 1:30 on Friday, October 11.

In addition, the Data Seal of Approval (DSA) is proud to announce that its second international conference will be held on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, in Ann Arbor, MI, the day before the ICPSR Biennial Meeting begins.

The link for the 2013 meeting is: 2013 Biennial ICPSR Meeting

We look forward to seeing you in October

May 2, 2013

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