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Check out the newly redesigned openICPSR! New features include a streamlined home page, new navigation, an updated page for openICPSR Repositories, and updated FAQs.


openICPSR is a no-cost, self-publishing repository for social, behavioral, and health sciences research data that is particularly well-suited for researchers who need to publish data associated with a journal article to advance scientific transparency, meet funder requirements for data sharing, and allow other researchers to replicate their findings. 


Projects published in openICPSR are published immediately with a citation and persistent identifier (DOI) and benefit from:

  • increased discoverability via ICPSR’s data catalog and major search engines,
  • increased research transparency via links to publications,
  • demonstrated impact of your research via project- and file-level usage statistics, and
  • long-term preservation that meets FAIR principles and is backed by over 55 years of sustained experience from ICPSR at the University of Michigan—the world's largest archive of social and behavioral science research data.


All data collection deposits to openICPSR are expected to connect with or expand upon the scientific investigation of the social dimensions of human lives and to include data, code, and documentation necessary to understand and/or replicate the depositor’s research.


In addition, journals, research centers, and other professional organizations can purchase a branded openICPSR repository, which is a fully-hosted research data-sharing service enabling your organization to showcase your data collections in one place and demonstrate the research impact of your organization. With an openICPSR repository, your organization can further increase the exposure and reach of its research via rich, customizable metadata and inclusion in ICPSR’s data catalog. Customizable data sharing workflows can also be requested in order to easily and efficiently integrate into your organization’s existing workflows.


Trust openICPSR to safeguard your self-published research data for the long-term with the backing of over 55 years of sustained data archiving experience from ICPSR at the University of Michigan—the world’s largest archive of social and behavioral science research data. If you have any questions about depositing data or would like a customized quote for an openICPSR repository, please email us at today!


Contact: Chelsea Goforth

Jul 30, 2020

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