New Data Available: Tsogolo La Thanzi (TLT): Fourth Wave, Malawi, 2010 [Healthy Futures]

Tsogolo La Thanzi (TLT) is a longitudinal study in Balaka, Malawi designed to examine how young people navigate reproduction during an AIDS epidemic. TLT utilized an intensive longitudinal design where respondents were interviewed every four months. This study contains data from the third wave of the multi-wave study.

Tsogolo La Thanzi (TLT): Fourth Wave, Malawi, 2010 [Healthy Futures] (ICPSR 37460) consists of three restricted-use datasets on (1) women, (2) their male partners, and (3) a random sample of men. These datasets contain information on relationships, religion, HIV/AIDS, politics, family composition, mental health, sex and protection, pregnancy, marriage, sexually transmitted diseases, future expectations, school enrollment status, goods purchased/received, and diet.

Future waves of TLT data are planned for release through DSDR.

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Jul 22, 2020

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