ICPSR Launches New Strategic Plan Website


ICPSR Strategic Plan Introduction page
The Strategic Plan Introduction page

ICPSR's new Strategic Plan is now available online. This Plan is the result of approximately a year of effort to develop a multiyear vision and set priorities for the organization to maintain our leadership position in data curation and stewardship and to promote social and behavioral research. 

The plan lays out three strategic goals and four strategic directions for ICPSR. These directions and their related strategies leverage the organization's historic and current success, its strong membership and partnership network, and its position as a leader in order to increase stakeholder value and support a vibrant field of social and behavioral research. The Plan also introduces an updated Mission Statement.

We appreciate the work of all who contributed their time, effort, and insights to the process, including ISR and ICPSR staff members, the ICPSR Council, Official Representatives, partner institutions, and others. 

We encourage you to read the new Plan, and we welcome your comments.

Dec 3, 2013

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