Summer Program Announces Weeklong Courses on Data Curation and Data Services

The ICPSR Summer Program is offering the following weeklong courses this year focused on data curation and data services. Please click on the course titles below for full descriptions and information on enrolling.

Curating and Managing Research Data for Re-use
July 28-August 1, 2014

This workshop, taught by Louise Corti (UK Data Archive), Jared Lyle (ICPSR), and Veerle Van den Eynden (UK Data Archive), will explore and apply the concepts and benefits of life cycle principles for data curation, from selecting and preparing data for archiving to optimizing and promoting data for reuse. ICPSR social science quantitative datasets and UK Data Archive qualitative and cross-disciplinary data collections will serve as case studies, and participants will track the datasets as they make their way through the data assessment, review, processing, curation, and publication pipeline. Participants will learn about and gain proficiency in the full range of life cycle activities: data review and preparation; confidential data management; effective documentation practices; how to create, comply with, and evaluate required data management plans; digital repository requirements and assessment; data dissemination and publication; and running user support and promotional activities for data. Emphasis will be placed on hands-on exercises demonstrating curation practices and on small group discussions for sharing local experiences and learning from others.

The workshop is aimed at individuals interested or actively engaged in the curation and management of research data, in view of data sharing and reuse, particularly data librarians, data archivists, data producers and stewards with responsibilities for data management.

Providing Social Science Data Services: Strategies for Design and Operation
August 4-8, 2014

This workshop, taught by Bobray Bordelon (Princeton University), Jane Fry (Carleton University), and Ron Nakao (Stanford University), is aimed at individuals who manage or support local services for ICPSR and other research data for quantitative analysis. The workshop is organized around four data service areas: collections, users, access, and preservation. This workshop will touch on the complete research life cycle. The structure of the workshop will rely on presentations, participant collaborations, and hands-on exercises. Fundamental topics are covered, including conducting a data reference interview, searching for social science data, interpreting data documentation, coping with various dissemination formats, accessing and subsetting data through web-based tools (e.g. SDA and Nesstar), selecting and downloading ICPSR data, and options for local data delivery. Other topics will include data management, service promotion, preservation, and sustainability. The final day concludes with an exercise drawing upon the lessons learned throughout the workshop.

Those who should attend include anyone who is new to providing social science data services, who is seeking to revitalize an existing service, or who is looking to refresh and expand on previous knowledge.

Note: This is not a course in statistical analysis, and attendees are not expected to know how to use statistical software.

Mar 14, 2014

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