NSHAP Public-Use Core Data Now Available Through Colectica Portal!


The National Social Life Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP) is a National Institute on Aging-funded, longitudinal study available through our archive. 

Through our site, users can download complete data files and documentation for the NSHAP series, as well as browse the variables right from our site. 

We love Heart preserving and sharing the NSHAP data, and we wanted to take sharing a step further to enable users to create custom data extracts and browse variables across waves, side-by-side. 

We worked with ICPSR staff with knowledge of DDI and with the Colectica team to create a portal to facilitate access to variables from a longitudinal approach. 

Access the portal to explore the NSHAP Public-Use Core Data across waves 1-3 and create your own dataset. 

Screen capture of the NACDA-ICPSR portal with the NSHAP data - exploring social network variables across waves 1-3

Special Thanks to the NSHAP Team at NORC for providing their data!

Curious about Colectica? Find out more by visiting their site

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Oct 1, 2019

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