New Data Alert! Family Exchanges Study Wave 2!

We are excited to announce a new data release:

Family Exchanges Study Wave 2, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2013 (ICPSR 37317)!

Silhouettes of a family with a sunset in the background.

The purpose of the Family Exchanges Study was to expand knowledge of inter-generational transfers by addressing the psychological processes underlying family support. Of specific interest were how and why individuals choose between self, spouse, parent, and children, as well as how they choose among multiple parents or step-parents and children in allocation of their time, emotional energy, and material assets. The study explored how people's motives differ with regard to tangible and non-tangible allocations in both the present and future time frames. The primary purpose of this study was to follow up with respondents from the first wave of data collection in order to determine how support is provided across generations within families.

Check out the first wave of these data: Family Exchanges Study Wave 1, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2008 (ICPSR 36360) 

The linking variable FAMID can be used to link the four main datasets within wave 2 and also to link wave 2 data with wave 1.

The linking variable CaseID can be used to link the diary data for target, parent, and offspring to the main data within wave 2.

Want to know even more? Check out the Family Exchanges Study project website.


Aug 5, 2019

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