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Stephanie LabouUniversity of California San DiegoWhen I started my current job as a librarian, I was coming from a non-library background. One of the most valuable things I did to get up to speed on all things data services for libraries was attend the ICPSR “Providing Social Science Data Services: Strategies for Design and Operation” summer workshop. Not only did I learn a lot about data services, I also met new colleagues and friends and those connections have been amazing! With support from people I met at the ICPSR workshop, I've joined professional societies, volunteered for committees, and found a multitude of ways to participate in the broader librarian and social science data communities. Since I also now serve as an ICPSR Official Representative at my campus, I have the chance to interact with many ICPSR staff members and I'm always impressed by how kind, helpful, and overall wonderful they are. So thank you, ICPSR, and congratulations on this well-deserved honor!
Natalie FitzpatrickUniversity of Michigan!Congratulations to everyone at ICPSR! I previously worked in NACJD, and learned the value of data sharing, and the work that ICPSR does. I no longer work at ICPSR, but I'm making sure that all my data gets deposited there!
Elyce RotellaUniversity of MichiganWell deserved for a job well done for many years.
Michael TraugottCenter for Political Studies, ISRCongratulations on a great honor for a job well done over a long period of time.
Lydia L. HarperMTF LeadSo glad to be a part of such a wonderful institution
Oksana MalanchukRetired ISR 
Jack KatoshretiredCongratulations to ICPSR! Well Done!!
Paul BeckThe Ohio State UniversityI have benefited greatly, in both my research and teaching, from ICPSR. It is an invaluable resource in the social sciences and tribute to the vision of Warren Miller and his successors. I was at Michigan from its beginning, served on its Council, and have been proud of its successes.
Nicholas Hinkle-De GrootISR, UMExcellent service to all. Great work!
Kallan LarsenProgram in Survey Methodology 
Adriana PerezThe University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonCongreatlations!
Sheila FeldUniversity of MichiganI have used ICPSR data while an active faculty member in UM Psychology Dept. and School of Social Work as well as as a retiree and found the data very valuable to me and colleagues and that access was relatively easy. Keep up the valuable service.
Sherrie KossoudjiThe University of MichiganAn incredible resource for researchers, reporters, and anyone else who needs access to information!
M. Kent JenningsUC Santa Barbara (emeritus) and University of Michigan (emeritus)I came to ISR in 1963 and watched Warren Miller work his institution-building magic over the early years. I deposited several projects in which I was the principal or co-principal investigator and was gratified by the outstanding work of the archival staff.
Pamela Davis-KeanUniversity of MichiganCongratulations to a wonderful team of innovators in the area of archiving and data science! What a great way to honor a terrific institute.
Bill LavelyUniversity of WashingtonGood work, David and colleagues!
Paula LackieCarleton CollegeICPSR has always been ahead of curve; they've always known that Data Are Cool! I had an inkling of this 30 years ago when I made the opportunity to be the OR for my grad school & then attend the OR meeting. It was at this meeting that I found out that I could do data support for a living. I found my people. Thank you ICPSR!! This is a well-deserved honor!
Holli HomanICPSRICPSR plays an incredible role in making data available to the research community as a whole, contributing to the broad range of political, social and economic sciences. As a data curator here at ICPSR, I am honored to work for such an esteemed and prestigious institution and feel great value in the work that I do to contribute to ICPSR's mission as an organization. Congratulations ICPSR, you deserve this recognition!
Cathy AntonakosUniversity of Michigan 
Lois M. VerbruggeUniversity of Michigan 
Robert N. LuptonUniversity of ConnecticutThank you for being a global leader in data collection, preservation and transparency, as well as hosting the world-class ICPSR Summer Program!
Silvia PedrazaUniversity of MichiganTo David Lam, George Alter, and John García,
I know how much good work, time, and attention you 3 put into making ICPSR what it is, gaining this recognition for it and for Michigan.
Thank you! Affectionately, Your friend, Silvia

Silvia Pedraza

Professor of Sociology and
American Culture
University of Michigan

Elizabeth YakelUniversity of MichiganThanks for assisting in research collaborations and being so transparent about your processes. Your expertise and helpfulness are amazing. Congratulations!
Aline SayerUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstAs a long-time faculty member of the Summer Program, I am thrilled to see ICPSR get this recognition! Congratulations to all!
Marina PovitkinaUniversity of GothenburgCourses at ICPSR summer program helped me tremendously in advancing my doctoral dissertation
James CrowfootUniversity of Michigan, SEASA very important institution that is invaluable to scholars and the public
Linda DettermanICPSRCongratulations to my colleagues at ICPSR! The creativity, care, and passion you have for advancing science by caring for data and training individuals to analyze and care for data, and the dedication to each other to make it happen is what makes ICPSR a special and enduring place to work. Thank you to IMLS for recognizing these often unsung data heroes!
William FeigelmanNassau Community CollegeDear ICPSR:
Congratulation to all staff on winning the 2019 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, which is so well deserved! I am very pleased to report that ICPSR has been enormously beneficial to me in advancing my career as a professional sociologist, and as a teacher and researcher. I became interested in ICPSR at mid-career point in the early 1980s and persuaded my college administrators to become a member of the ICPSR, whereupon my institution became the first community college in the nation to join as a member institution. Shortly afterwards I took advantage of the summer workshop programs and attended workshops on using Census data, drug abuse and crime datasets. It was here where I established contacts with other scholars, and began collaborative projects, some of which resulted in several years of grant funded work on cigarette smoking patterns and polydrug abuse. The ICPSR datasets eventually became important parts in my evolving teaching methods as I integrated the acquisition of data analysis skills into my Introductory Sociology and Social Problems courses. While not all of my immediate professional colleagues were inclined to take a similar approach with their teaching as I was, several other colleagues were. Eventually I developed a new text book, entitled Hands On Sociology (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1993), that was built around data analysis of popular ICPSR datasets, such as the General Social Surveys, The Monitoring The Future Drug Use Surveys, and others. My book evolved over its life span from its earliest appearance to its third edition, published with Allyn and Bacon, where I took on a coauthor, Yih-Jin (Jim) Young an NCC colleague, and we revised the book to utilize the statistical analysis platform of the U.Cal. Berkeley, SDA system, enabling users to analyze data without any additional statistical software. In the year our third edition was released,,2006, ICPSR held a competition for the best instructional software for furthering undergraduate teaching and we submitted our book in the running. Our book won first prize which helped to enhance its standing in the academic community, for which we are very grateful.
Now in retirement in my active professional life, writing and doing research, as I try to keep a steady output of journal articles appearing, some of which rely upon ICPSR datasets. Jim Young has taken on the position I had held as the NCC ICPSR representative. I know he has taken advantage of numerous summer workshop and has encouraged other NCC faculty to do so, as well. Jim took the lead in creating a 4th edition of our book which he still uses in his NCC teaching. There is not doubt that with ICPSR in our professional lives our teaching and research has been substantially enriched.
Rui DangUniversity of Information Science and Technology, "St.Paul Apostle" 
Kristin FontichiaroU-M School of InformationHave really appreciated working with Lynette Hoelter on data literacy initiatives
Sara MitchellUniversity of IowaI have worked with ICPSR throughout my career first as a data representative, then as a student in the summer program, and now as a 10+ year instructor in the summer program. I have used ICPSR datasets in my research. ICPSR provides such valuable resources and brings people together for wonderful training and mentoring. Congratulations!
Michael BaerIsaacson, Miller IncICPR (as it was named at the time) summer program in 1966 shaped my awareness of quantitative analysis and thus shaped the development of my career over the next several decades. I have watched as it shaped the career of many of my graduate students as well, not just from the coursework, but also the connections and peer groups that were formed, including across social science disciplines. Today I have numerous personal and professional friends across the social science and the information science communities that I can call upon as I continue my work. I personally believe that ICPSR has been one of the most significant organizations to, not only promote the use of data across disciplines and time, but also to develop the links between scholars in the social sciences that has permitted and encouraged cross disciplinary perspectives.
Philippe Byosiere
Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan
Helena LaaksonenFinnish Social Science Data ArchiveThe FSD represents Finnish national membership in ICPSR. We want to congratulate ICPSR for this award and at the same time celebrate our 20 years of cooperation between the two organisations, FSD and ICPSR
Matthew GoodlawCal State University NorthridgeICPSR delivers as a source for data and a world class summer program - Great professors, administrators and participants.
Debbie SealeISR/SROCongratulations on this honor.
NadineN/AWorking in the ICPSR summer program library was a wonderful job for many years. The people are fun, and it is a great atmosphere
Kara SuzukaUniversity of Hawai'i at MānoaCongratulations ICPSR! Thank you for the valuable work you do!
Anne Zald
Northwestern University Libraries
Orlando ArchibequeAuraria Library, University of Colorado DenverThank you for all that you do -- not only providing data to member institutions, but thank you for all the services you provide, and for the summer courses which some of our students & faculty have taken. Well done!
Verna Keith
University of Alabama at Birmingham
YI-MIAU TSAIUniversity of MichiganCongratulations! And thank you for serving communities of users across disciplines.
James M. McCormickIowa State UniversityWarmest congratulations on this important recognition
Marinilda Rivera-DiazUniversity of Puerto RicoGreat center, amazing learning experience through other social researchers in migration issues. Thanks for guiding me and the opportunities provided.
James GrahamColorado State UniversityAmy Pienta and her group are the best! ICPSR was ahead of its time in championing the benefits and establishing best practices for archiving, sharing, and re-using data. And now it is a lifesaver for countless researchers as the culture of sharing has evolved.
Congrats on a well-deserved recognition and keep up the great work!
Koji YamamotoHylab LLPI never forget the Summer School I attended very long ago; in particular the nights at Blind Pig and other places where we were hanging out, great friends, teachers, and staff!! Thanks a lot for your passion for education and warm hospitality!!
Penny BollaRobert Wood Johnson FoundationMy congratulations. It has been a pleasure working with ICPSR staff (since 2000) in our effort to make valuable research datasets available to the research community and general public. 
Anja PerryGESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social SciencesICPSR sets standards in the community of data archives. GESIS is guided by the work of ICPSR and appreciates the professional cooperation with all its employees. Congratulations on this award!
Gordon BerlinMDRCCongratulations on a well-deserved award! We at MDRC have appreciated working with ICPSR on a wide variety of research projects, and look forward to many more years of collaboration together.


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Sign the Congratulations Card

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Note from ISR Director David Lam: Congrats to ICPSR for receiving the 2019 National Medal for Museum and Library Service

ICPSR recognized as a 2019 recipient of nation’s highest museum and library honor


May 13, 2019

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