Summer Program memories to last a lifetime


Participants attend the 2018 ICPSR Summer Program workshop on Race, Ethnicity, and Quantitative Methods.

Our participants often tell us that the ICPSR Summer Program is a life-changing experience, filled with unforgettable friends, remarkable instructors, intellectual challenges, and lots of aha! moments. We asked several participants to share their favorite memories from the 2018 Summer Program.

"My defining moment at the Program was after my first homework assignment in my time series class. I had spent a lot of time on it, and I really wanted to make sure that everything worked out well. I had doubts that maybe I wasn’t understanding the concepts as well as I should be. But, I ended up doing the homework correctly and being able to explain it to the TA and ask really good questions. So that built on the confidence that I felt, that I actually did understand and know more than I thought I did, and it gave me the confidence and the ability to continue asking more complex questions." 
– Abigail Barthel, a student Clinical Psychology at Boston University

"I was doing work in the café with one of my friends from class. We were talking about unit root tests for our time series class, and someone from the next booth looks over and asks, “Are you working on the problem sets for Time Series?,” and we’re like “Yes!” He joins us, and then he texts one of his friends and the other friend joins us, and so what started out as a group of two of us slowly grew into everyone arguing about what was the next best test to do, and what we though the right answer should be. It really was a great community feeling that we stumbled upon. It really felt like I was properly making friends but also being productive." 
–​ Bianca DiGiovanni, a student in American Politics at the University of Chicago

"During our regression workshop, the professor always gave us a break. In the middle of that break, you could see the participants start talking in other languages and explaining in other languages what we learned. That was very remarkable for me, to see how people from very diverse communities who come from all over the place are here working together and learning together."
–​ Cristian Martinez, Master of Public Policy student at Michigan State University

"Some of my favorite moments are the connections that I’m making with [my instructors] Ozan, Jamil, and Kenicia, and also the other students. Those are my general favorites. My favorite moment is actually happening this week, and it’s the replication aspect of research. I’m really starting to dig deep into that, and although it’s going to be a nice little struggle for me, because I’ve never done it, it’s something that I think is really going to help me grow. I’m new to social science. What I’m really looking forward to is the challenge that’s going to come from me trying to replicate some of these studies, especially pertaining to race." 
–​ Justin Zimmerman, student in American Politics at Northwestern University


Participants in the workshop “Regression Analysis II,” taught by Brian Pollins, represent countries from around the world.


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