Open Access Week: 10 Ways to Use DataLumos to Facilitate Open Access

In observation of Open Access Week, ICPSR would like to offer the following list of ten ways you can use DataLumos to facilitate open access:

  1. Search our archive to find valuable government data.
  2. Sign up for our email list to receive updates on our work.
  3. Download any dataset for free for your own exploration or analysis.
  4. Review our metadata and tell us how it could be more accurate, open, or inclusive.
  5. Deposit government data which you value and want to be accessible in the future.
  6. Recommend a government dataset which should be added (if you don’t have time to deposit it).
  7. Add lots of rich metadata to your deposit to make the data more discoverable and accessible.
  8. Look at the archived government data and let us know if a dataset has been updated by the government or is no longer accessible from its original source.
  9. Recommend DataLumos to a colleague or friend who cares about the accessibility of government data.
  10. Read our FAQs and watch our YouTube video to learn more about DataLumos.

Oct 22, 2018

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