New additions to ICPSR Council

Six new members were recently elected to serve four-year terms on the ICPSR Governing Council, starting in 2016, and Chandra Muller was elected Council Chair.

  • New Members:
  • Christine L. Borgman, University of California, Los Angeles (Information Studies)
  • Jeremy Freese, Northwestern University (Sociology)
  • Jane Fry, Carleton University (Data Centre, MacOdrum Library)
  • Michael Jones-Correa, Cornell University (Political Science)
  • Verna M. Keith, Texas A&M University (Race & Ethnics Studies)
  • Robert A. Stine, University of Pennsylvania (Statistics)

ICPSR also thanks the following Council members, with terms ending in 2016, for their service and dedication:

  • Christopher H. Achen, Princeton University (Political Science)
  • Marilyn Andrews, University of Regina (Spatial & Numeric Data Services)
  • Tony N. Brown, Vanderbilt University (Sociology)
  • Carl Lagoze, University of Michigan (School of Information)
  • John Fox, McMaster University (Social Statistics)
  • Linda J. Waite, University of Chicago (Sociology)

Feb 1, 2016

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