New Data Available: Tsogolo La Thanzi (TLT): Pregnancy Data

altTsogolo la Thanzi (TLT) is a longitudinal study in Balaka, Malawi designed to examine how young people navigate reproduction in an AIDS epidemic. The pregnancy questionnaires were administered during any TLT wave (1-8) to female participants who tested positive for pregnancy or reported being pregnant during the study. It's possible for participants to have completed multiple questionnaires for the same pregnancy and that questionnaires were completed in different waves for single and multiple, unique pregnancies. The questionnaire asked pregnant women about several aspects of pregnancy including reactions to pregnancy, antenatal care experiences, and pregnancy experiences to date. A total of 797 women completed 1,409 pregnancy questionnaires.

Access the TLT: Pregnancy Data, Malawi, 2009-2012 [Healthy Futures] study page

Oct 3, 2018

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