ICPSR 101 team honored as 2018 ICPSR Innovators of the Year

The team behind the ICPSR 101 video series has been honored as the 2018 ICPSR Innovators of the Year. The ICPSR 101 series focuses on frequently-asked questions and the many research data resources available from ICPSR.

Multimedia designer Jenna Tyson examines an ICPSR 101 video on data curation.
Multimedia designer Jenna Tyson examines an ICPSR 101 video about data curation.

Videos produced so far in the series include:

The video production team was recognized during the June 7-8 ICPSR Council Meeting in Ann Arbor. The awardees are Jenna Tyson, multimedia designer; Lynette Hoelter, assistant research scientist and instructional resources director; Dory Knight-Ingram, senior editor; Shelly Petrinko, conferences manager; and Wendi Fornoff, senior web designer/administrator.

Members of the ICPSR Staff Advisory Committee (StAC), which selected the winners this year, praised the team’s efforts. “The ICPSR 101 team has released three production-quality videos in the past year. The videos are short, informative, and entertaining. They address the problem of how to quickly explain who we are and what we do, and the videos are appropriate for every one of our stakeholder audiences, from data professionals to funders to the general public. StAC members were quickly able to identify a variety of contexts and audiences where the videos have been used to showcase ICPSR’s work. They also provide a creative new way to carry out our leadership and educational goals,” judges wrote.

“It is worth noting that all of the submissions were team awards that drew from across ICPSR” said Margaret Levenstein, ICPSR’s director. “The selection committee was very encouraged by this and think it reflects well on our increasingly collaborative and cooperative work culture.”


  • For their work to create innovative promotions announcing the launch of ICPSR’s new data dissemination system: Scott Campbell, Abay Israel, Dory Knight-Ingram, Kathryn Lavender, Anna Ovchinnikova, Shelly Petrinko, Sarah Rush, Alison Stroud, Jenna Tyson, and Kil-Sang Kim.
  • For their planning and implementation of ICPSR’s first live Save the Data Event: Linda Detterman, David Bleckley, Johanna Bleckman, Dory Knight-Ingram, Anna Ovchinnikova, Shelly Petrinko, Piper Simmons, and Jenna Tyson.
ICPSR Director Marget Leveinstein, right, presents the 2018 ICPSR Innovator of the Year award to ICPSR 101 video team Shelly Petrinko, Dory Knight-Ingram, Lynette Hoelter, Wendi Fornoff, and Jenna Tyson (not pictured).
ICPSR Director Margaret Levenstein presents innovation awards to Shelly Petrinko, Dory Knight-Ingram, Lynette Hoelter, Wendi Fornoff, and Jenna Tyson, not pictured. (Photo by Scott Campbell)


On YouTube: ICPSR 101 playlist

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Jul 11, 2018

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