PAA2020 Webinar Recording - COVID 19 - Data collection in Longitudinal Studies

Check out this recorded presentation on

 COVID 19 - Data collection in Longitudinal Studies,

part of PAA's 2020 virtual series. 

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July 15  1:00 – 2:30 PM EDT

Insights on COVID-19 Impacts: International Comparisons and Possibilities

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Session Organizer and Chair  - Giovanna Merli, Duke

Patrick Heuveline, UCLA – Beyond Deaths per Capita: Three CoViD-19 Mortality Indicators for Temporal and International Comparisons (Co-authors M. Tzen and H. Beltran-Sanchez)

Daniela Perrotta, Max Planck– Behaviors and attitudes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Insights from a cross-national Facebook survey (Co-authors A. Grow, F. Rampazzo, J. Cimentada, E. Del Fava, S. Gil-Clavel, and E. Zagheni)

Emily E. Wiemers, Syracuse – Disparities in Vulnerability to Severe Complications from COVID-19 in the United States.  (Co-authors S. Abrahams, M. AlFakhri, J. Hotz, R. Schoeni, J. Seltzer)

Dean Lillard, Ohio State University – A Cross-National Design to Estimate Effects of COVID-Induced Non-Pharmacological Interventions

Covid Series Organizers – Eileen Crimmins, Sara Curran, Jenn Dowd, Pam Herd, Giovanna Merli



Jun 26, 2020

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