Love Data Week - Adopt a Dataset!

You may have heard about Love Data Week at ICPSR...

Love Data Week is a nationwide social media campaign focused on raising awareness and building a community to engage in topics related to

research data management, data sharing, data preservation, data reuse, and other research data services.

Students, faculty, researchers, librarians, and data specialists are encouraged to facilitate and attend Love Data Week events to gain and 

share hands-on experience, discover data resources, and participate in discussions around data needs throughout the research process.

And about how you can Adopt a Dataset...

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ICPSR Adopt a Dataset is " a unique experience for individuals to “adopt a dataset.”

This no-cost, no-mess adoption allows the individual to select a dataset hosted by ICPSR and get to know it, if you will.

As ICPSR states, “Your role is to bring your dataset to life by learning about the information it contains and introducing it to anyone who hasn’t met it before (by sharing via email and social media).”"

Check the ICPSR site for FAQs and more details. 

NACDA has a couple datasets up for adoption for any gerontological researcher,

social science researcher, student, or curious data user:

Health and Relationships Project, United States, 2014-2015 (ICPSR 37404)

Survey of Midlife in Japan (MIDJA 2): Biomarker Project, 2013-2014 (ICPSR 36530)

Wanna participate? Use this Adoption Form!

Just think of what you will find and create with these data resources! #LoveData20 #ICPSR

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Feb 11, 2020

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