Thanks for a Great GSA Conference!

Thank you for a wonderful Gerontological Society of America's conference!

Our GSA workshop was full!

View of room at Austin convention center where the NACDA workshop took place - several tables and approx 40 attendees.

(Identifying and Using NIA-Supported Longitudinal Data Collections: The Availability and Use of Secondary Data Resources in Gerontology Research)

It was great to talk with all of you at our booth about data on aging

Kathryn Lavender and James McNally at NACDA booth at GSA conference

We had nearly 200 visitors to our booth! 

NACDA stickers, chip clips, ribbon badges (swag)

Here are the links to our workshop presentations: 

NIA/BSR Perspective by John W. R. Phillips - Chief, Population and Social Processes Branch (NIA)

Identifying and Using NIA - Supported Longitudinal Data Collections: The Availability and Use of Secondary Data Resources in Gerontology Research by NACDA Director James McNally, NACDA Project Manager Kathryn Lavender

The National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP) - Overview and Data Access by Louise Hawkley, PhD Senior Research Scientist at NORC at the University of Chicago.

Overview of the Baltimore Experience Corps® Trial by George Rebok PhD, and Michelle C. Carlson, PhD - Department of Mental Health Bloomberg School of Public Health Johns Hopkins University

Twin Study Data as a Unique Resource: Interplay of Genes and Environment in Multiple Studies (IGEMS) by Patricia St. Clair - Senior Data Advisor, Data Core, University of Southern California Schaeffer Center, and Data Manager, IGEMS Consortium

Understanding and Using MIDUS by  Barry T. Radler, PhD - University of Wisconsin-Madison Institute on Aging

Dec 4, 2019

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