Shawna Smith

University of Michigan


Shawna Smith is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan, where she holds appointments with the departments of Psychiatry and Internal Medicine (General Medicine) at the Medical School, and with the Quantitative Methods Program at the Institute for Survey Research. Her work focuses on implementation of healthcare policy and best practices, notably through novel methodologies that inform development of adaptive efforts to implement and delivery healthcare practices in community-based settings. She is currently working on several federally-funded projects, including a cluster-randomized trial of adaptive implementation strategies for encouraging delivery of cognitive behavioral therapy at 100 high schools across the state of Michigan; evaluation of implementation of Medicare’s value-based payment programs, and especially validation of risk adjustment methods as they relate to social determinants of health; and HeartSteps, the first NIH-funded mobile health intervention to include micro-randomized intervention components for optimizing intervention delivery. Shawna also teaches with the Global School of Empirical Research Methods and lectures on adaptive interventions and methods related to adaptive intervention construction.