Denison University


Shiri Noy is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Denison University. She earned her PhD in Sociology at Indiana University, Bloomington, with a minor in Social Science Research Methods. She has taught both graduate and undergraduate research methods, and has conducted and published interdisciplinary and sociological research across methods and in mixed methods. Quantitatively, she has collected survey data, and on both original and secondary data she has utilized latent class analysis, regression models for both linear and categorical data, including cross-section time-series analyses and selection models as well as comparative analyses using country-level and individual-level data as well as experimental survey data analyses and social network analysis. Qualitatively, she has conducted research in several countries, utilizing process tracing and has conducted and analyzed interviews, content analysis of documents, and focus groups. Dr. Noy has recently published a book, a mixed methods analysis of the World Bank’s effect on health policy in Latin America (Banking on Health, Palgrave Macmillan 2017). She is fundamentally interested in how we approach ways of understanding the social world, and how best to collect and analyze data that helps us untangle and address issues of substantive, conceptual, theoretical, and empirical interest.