Christopher Wlezien

University of Texas at Austin


Christopher Wlezien is Hogg Professor of Government at the University of Texas at Austin. He holds or has held positions - both permanent and visiting - at various universities in the United States and other countries. His primary, ongoing research develops and tests a “thermostatic” model of public opinion and policy, and his other major project assesses the evolution of voter preferences over the course of the election "timeline." He has related interest in time series methods and public opinion measurement. Wlezien has published numerous articles and chapters as well as a number of books, including Degrees of Democracy, The Timeline of Elections, and Who Gets Represented? He also has held editorial positions for numerous journals and academic publishers, and currently is Vice President of the Southern Political Science Association and program chair of the 2019 annual meeting. More information about Christopher Wlezien can be found on his homepage.