Robert J. Franzese

University of Michigan


Rob Franzese (Ph.D. Government 1996, A.M. Economics 1995, Harvard University) is Professor & Associate Chair of Political Science and Director of the Program in International & Comparative Studies at the University of Michigan and a Fellow and 15th President of The Society for Political Methodology. Much of his recent research, collaborative with Jude Hays, focuses on spatial-econometric models of interdependence, especially on the specification, estimation, and interpretation of empirical models that respect the profound, and distinct, implications of spatially distributed exposure, or of spatial contagion/spillovers, or of endogenous formation of the connections between spatial units by which their exposure may be correlated and/or their outcomes contagious. Franzese and Hays' several articles and chapters on these topics, some also joint with Aya Kachi or Scott Cook, appear in methodological and substantive journals and volumes in political science, statistics, and economics. Beyond spatial-econometric models of interdependence, on which the two and Cook are also currently completing a book, Franzese's research focuses on other areas of empirical methodology, most notably methods appropriate for complex context-conditionality and nonlinearity and for time-series-cross-section data, and, substantively, on comparative and international political economy. Combined, these research agendas have yielded 3 books, 2 edited collections, and 30 articles and chapters in journals/volumes across these three disciplines (and five languages: English, Japanese, Italian, German, and Chinese), winning five best-paper awards, two each for work in comparative politics/political-economy and political methodology and one for work in network-analytic methodology.