Glenn Deane



Glenn D. Deane is Professor of Sociology. Deane's scientific accomplishments come from his methodological contributions and may be grouped under two general themes: (1) spatial data analysis and (2) longitudinal data analysis. Generally, his research methods are set in a substantive context that links population and environment. Dr. Deane collaborates with researchers involved in a wide array of topics within this general category of research including studies focused on immigrant settlement patterns; health-related outcomes like obesity and reproductive health; crime; and educational opportunities. He is extremely prolific having published 14 refereed journal articles since 2008, many of which appear in leading sociology journals. Dr. Deane’s most recent research has been funded by the Institute for Educational Sciences, Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, and NIH. One project is conducting the first longitudinal analyses of the impact of environments of high-risk children that foster resilience on success in reading by third grade and graduation from high school. Professor Deane’s expertise on longitudinal data analysis is playing a critical role in executing this project. In conjunction with CSDA associate Zai Liang, Dr. Deane is studying the new patterns of settlement and assimilation that exist among recent low-skilled Chinese immigrants. The project relies on Dr. Deane’s expertise in spatial data analysis in that it seeks to map the locations of Chinese immigrant-owned businesses and estimating the impact of such businesses on immigrant wage growth patterns in gateway and non-gateway locations. Working with CSDA associate Kirsten Davison, Dr. Deane is examining data from an obesity prevention program designed by Davison in order to assess the effectiveness of the program intervention.