Advanced Multilevel Modeling (Amherst, MA)


This workshop is designed to further extend the basics of hierarchical linear modeling. Hierarchical structured data are very common and include, for instance, participants within classroom, repeated measures within participants, patients within hospitals, houses within districts, etc. In many of these cases, complex hierarchical linear models are needed to deal with, for instance, non-linearity, binary outcomes and cross-classified data. Using real datasets provided in the workshop, participants will learn how to use the HLM 7 software program to obtain analysis results and make proper interpretations and inferences. Multiple, real-world examples will be provided as well as opportunities for guided practice for participants in the form of a series of hands-on activities.

The primary goal of the course will be to allow participants to use advanced hierarchical linear models and to understand how and when more sophisticated techniques will provide practical benefits. There will be time for one on one consultation with the instructor.

Software: Participants should bring a laptop computer. Instruction will be provided for the methods using the most current version of HLM 7 (student edition). The student edition of HLM 7 is free but only available for Windows at Scientific Software International. Although the workshop will focus on practice with HLM 7, the participants will be able to translate the HLM syntax to replicate the analysis in other statistical software packages (SPSS, Mplus, R, Stata, and SAS).

Fee: Members = $1600; Non-members = $3000

Tags: multilevel models, hierachical linear models, MLM, HLM, multilevel modeling, advanced

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