Practical Data Science and Data Management


  • Matthew Denny, Facebook, Inc.

The most challenging aspect of conducting empirical social science research is often not running the final analysis, but instead collecting, cleaning, managing, and visualizing the data used in the study. This course is intended to arm you with the tools you will need to go from data collection up until the point at which you perform your analysis. Some topics we will cover include web scraping, using the Twitter API, the basics of working with large datasets, generating publication quality plots, and tools for working with text, network and panel data. This workshop will be taught using R, but will assume no previous experience managing data, or programming in R.

Fee: Members = $1600; Non-members = $3000

Tags: data science, data management

Course Sections

Section 1

Location: ICPSR -- Ann Arbor, MI

Date(s): July 29 - August 1

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


  • Matthew Denny, Facebook, Inc.